Why a ventilation and/or air conditioning system is needed in your business.

Comfort, efficiency, budget, maintenance and savings . . . these are just some of the considerations you would be mulling when deciding on the best cooling solution for your business (or home, for that matter).

South Africa is a fairly warm country – pretty much 80% of the year and working conditions can get really unpleasant if temperatures (and airflow) are not controlled.

According to Labourguide.co.za, the “most common complaints relating to air conditioning are about comfort. Some workers complain that the office environment is too hot while others might complain that it is too cold.

This is a common issue in almost every workplace with air conditioning units. The way people experience temperature depends on a range of factors like clothing, body type, individual preferences and expectations (just to mention a few).

A comfortable or reasonable temperature level is advisable. A reasonable temperature for a workplace largely depends on the work activities and the environmental conditions of the workplace, although hygienists generally recommend that temperatures should preferably be between 21°C and 26°C.”

When it comes to air-conditioning that is fit-for-purpose there are many options and it can get a little confusion – which is why it is advisable to speak to seasoned professionals such as Air Select’s in-house project team.

Air ventilation is a larger (over-arching) concept.

The reality is that air ventilation systems need to be checked regularly and should be correctly maintained to reduce spread of harmful bacteria and other materials in the workplace.

To minimise risk your ventilation system should be cleaned often and, of course, by an effective professional hygiene services company.

Choose the right partner

Section 8 of the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act stipulates that every employer must provide a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of the employees.

The temperature and quality of the air they are exposed to plays a significant role in this regard.

For professional service and advise in creating the optimal conditions for your staff, contact the Air Select team.

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