Air Select specializes in providing HVAC system (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) design, supply, installation, repair, and maintenance services. While situated in Brackenfell, Air Select has completed installations in commercial, industrial, and residential locations across South Africa and Namibia.

The Air Select gallery includes images of Air Select’s extensive range of products. Within the gallery, you will find images of the unit delivery and arrival process, pre-installation and post-installation processes, and images of completely installed units. Gallery images showcase units installed both inside and outside in a variety of locations, like conference rooms, galleries, warehouse spaces, rooftops, sides of buildings, and small indoor spaces. The gallery images demonstrate the variety of products offered by Air Select and illustrate the variety of spaces within which the products can be installed along with their uses.

These images serve to give the client an idea of the delivery, installation, and completion process, as well as provide reassurance of the quality of the final product.

An Air Select team will help you design, install, and repair your unit, providing access to all leading and major brands.

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