What should I look for when choosing an Air Conditioner?

A product which will work effectively, be aesthetically pleasing and meet your budget.

What size Air Conditioning system should I have?

Heat loads vary from one space to another, however, on average you can work on between 500 – 600  btu’s per square meter.  Ideally though, it is recommended that you contact a reputable service provider to assist you.

What temperature should my Air Conditioner be set at?

Comfort conditions would generally be between 21°c and 24°c, even though most air conditioner remotes show a much lower temperature.
It is not advisable to set your unit below 20°c.

When is it time to replace my old Air Conditioner?

Depending on usage and the environment, the average life span of an air conditioner unit could be anything from 8 to 14 years.

How important is air quality?

Air quality is important for a person’s well-being and to lessen the symptoms of allergies, which can be controlled with the correct air conditioning or ventilation system.

How often should I service my Air Conditioner?

This is dependant on usage and the environment.  Generally, an air conditioning unit should undergo a major service once or twice per annum,  as well as minor services or filter cleans in between.

Why is it important to service my Air Conditioner of a regular basis?

  • Servicing your air conditioner regularly allows clean filtered air for you, your family and employees.
  • An un-serviced air conditioner will increase your power consumption.
  • Not servicing your air conditioner unit on a regular basis will considerably reduce it’s life span.
  • Should your air conditioner unit still be under warranty, it is imperative to carry out your recommended service to prevent the warranty from lapsing.

Quick checklist if my Air Conditioner is not working.

  • Check power supply is turned on (at the unit as well as the distribution board).
  • Check remote batteries.
  • Check settings on remote.
  • On the heating function, the fan takes a few minutes before switching on


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