Residential Air Conditioning

At Air Select, we have a specialised team of project managers ready to design an air conditioning system to meet all your specific requirements and budget.

Home air conditioning generally would be designed using mid-wall split type and ducted hide away type air conditioning units.

The various brand options would be discussed at the design stage and a decision can then be made based on aesthetics, after sales service, budget and energy consumption.

When choosing an air conditioning system for your home, the capacity is extremely important.  As a guideline you can size your unit based on 550 BTU’s per square meter, however, this would need to be verified by one of our qualified project managers as heat loads can vary from one room to the next.

Our solutions do more than just heat and cool spaces; we have products that enables efficient heating and cooling operations to match room conditions and occupancy levels. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer a wide range of versatile heating and cooling solutions, including single-split systems, multi-split systems, controls and accessories.

Working with Air Select for your air conditioning solutions means partnering with a trusted brand renowned for well-designed solutions, innovative technologies and unparalleled service and support. Our cutting edge heating and air conditioning solutions provide better comfort as well as space and cost savings compared to conventional HVAC options.

At Air Select, we also offer ventilation systems for residential properties, from fresh air systems to bathroom extraction systems.  These can be designed by our specialised project management team.

Our dedicated installation teams for residential air conditioning and ventilation systems are trained and qualified to ensure that your chosen product is installed with the highest standard of workmanship.


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